Hello I'm Patrick Rieken, self-employed @ BI-Formance BV
These are my core competencies:
Core Competence: BW technical support /architecture/development support/performance tuning/upgrades; Hana administration/Tuning/Troubleshooting.
And some background:
From the moment I stepped in with BW 1.2B in 1998 until now, so much has changed. Instead of 1 core BW back-end with Bex and WAD web reporting, we moved trough BI-Java, BO-BI, BW Accelerator, towards Hana, Lumira, Design Studio, and various Cloud options.The system has now become a landscape of systems on its own.
For me as a senior technical core performance consultant this means the sky is the limit, simple issues can easily involve tuning measures on various layers and/or systems (BW backend, query, BO backend, and Hana database).However, operational support teams, service providers and application development teams struggle more and more to get everything tied up properly.
I often find developers complaining about the system performance, while the design is suboptimal. As well as service managers complaining about uncontrolled growth of BW because support teams are not on top of housekeeping and no agreed data volume management is in place. On top of that, service providers are most often quite detangled from application support and only bashed when there are system incidents.
From 15+ years of experience, I have learned that you need to connect & onboard, ALL involved parties to get things to perform well. So apart from the specifically chosen company name BI-Formance (a wink to my core competence) my holy grail to really get things done: BI-Personal…
To keep ahead I'm running my very own SAP landscape on Prem: S/4Hana; BW 7.4, 7.5 (BW4/Hana in progress), BO-BI, ECC 6.0 EHP8 and Solution Manager 7.2
If your organization encounters performance or integration issues within your SAP BI Solution, your support or development team needs some guidance regarding housekeeping and performance tuning or you just need a well-experienced guy solving your 3rd level issues: I’m the right guy for you!

If your SAP system is in trouble, just give me a call and see wether I can contribute!  Patrick Rieken